Accelerating the adoption of DC microgrids

DEP provides intelligent software and services that automate the design and deployment of ultra-efficient DC microgrids making clean, resilient and renewable energy accessible to everyone.

Why DC Microgrids?

We live in a DC world with an aging AC infrastructure

We design scalable DC microgrids that increase our customer’s operational autonomy while reducing their energy and operating costs. Our systems are 10% more efficient than the industry standard and have a 30% lower total cost of ownership.

The backbone of our microgrid infrastructure is a renewable energy DC link which enables our system to directly couple solar generation, batteries, plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), wind generation, and fuel cells to produce, store, and consume energy as DC.

Design microgrids in minutes, not months

DCIDE is a purpose-built microgrid design tool that reduces the soft costs of designing, engineering and procuring DC microgrids. It streamlines the entire engineering process, helping engineers make educated and commercially viable decisions.


Fast microgrid designer
DCIDE is a productivity tool to let your engineers configure DC microgrids in record time.
Comprehensive equipment catalog
The single source of truth for all your equipment. Easily browse, edit and compare and contrast datasheets and share them with your customers.
Equipment selection
Find the perfect product that fits your application
Design rule checking
Find out whether equipment will work together and check for compliance with DC microgrid protocols

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About us

Early 2020, Dusan Brhlik and Giel Van den Broeck joined forces. Being in the emerging DC microgrid industry for a couple of years, they decided to found DEP with the ambition to empower enterprises and communities by means of DC technology. They are committed to deliver a more cost-effective, efficient and resilient electric infrastructure, powered by renewables and supported by battery storage and e-mobility, all effectively interlinked at the DC level.

DCIDE emerged from the need to become more productive and efficient in designing DC microgrids. DEP continuously develops and uses the software tool to guide customers in making the right choices. It gets into to the implementation level and equipment selection. Which voltage level to select? What power conversion equipment to install? Are all operating limits respected? DCIDE provides guidance throughout the entire process.